The 'Help' Series

As a mum of four, I know how hard it is to read a book, so when planning this series for you, I had you in mind the whole time and made sure that the information is kept to the point, is clear and easy to access.  You can listen to these modules meaning they are not too taxing and don't require a huge amount of time to do so.


This series of short, easy to follow audios, videos or webinars, gives you all you need to know to help your child thrive. They are accessible, interesting and informative.



Work through each one at your own pace and find all the handy hints and tips you need to understand your child and what they need.



My mission is to empower parents and give you the tools you need to help your own child within your daily routine, it also helps you to get an idea what to expect from others such as nursery staff or health professionals.



We have too much screen time


In this practical course, you will discover


Over 30 games and activities to help your child's language.


I will also help you identify where your child is up to and give you practical ways to play with your child to help them become independent learners, have fun and feel connected.




We are on the waiting list for SALT



In this audio series, you will learn how to


Understand where your child is up to.

Things to do today while you wait

What to expect from your appointment

Ways to prepare for your appointment to get the most out of it.




My Child's can't listen or pay attention


**Coming Soon** 





My toddler can't or won't eat

**Coming Soon**

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