The Powerful Parent Programme

A unique programme to support and empower you

The Powerful Parent Programme

Everything you need to understand your child's difficulties, maximise their potential, thrive as a parent and grow as a family.

What is it all about?



This is my signature programme, I have poured my heart and soul into this programme for you.  I wanted to provide you with something more than a few generic strategies, something more than an hour in a room with your child, I wanted to give you the power to feel in control, to lay down the guilt, to address the behaviour and to let the joy shine in your family.


Having a child with delays does not need to mean the end of the world, but I do know that you enter a new world, which can often be confusing, frustrating and even downright infuriating.


I have spent the last two decades working with families like yours, and I have put all my speech and language knowledge and all of my intuition into a truly unique programme.


I put you at the centre and give you everything you need to totally rock this and feel supported and cared for along the way.


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The Powerful Parent Programme will provide 





Video feedback

Weekly group calls

Email support



You will learn how to:

Fully understanding your child's difficulties

Fully understand language development to create realistic expectations

Understand your parenting style and your limiting beliefs

Deal with overwhelm

Create an unstoppable mindset.

Develop an environment that serves your family

Deal with negativity and bounce back quickly

Choose and implement the right strategies that will really work

Set goals that are appropriate and achievable 

Integrate therapy into every day routines

Increase your confidence and reduce your guilt

Create a happy environment where everyone thrives

The Powerful Parents Programme is for parents who

Are concerned about their child's language development

Are concerned about their child's overall development

Have been assessed and had a diagnosis

Have a child without a diagnosis

Have a child who is accessing therapy but they would like something more

Are looking for more than just strategies but also support in dealing with their own mindset

Live too far away from local services or have other difficulties accessing support

Need support for themselves and their overwhelming feelings

Have a child on a waiting list

Have been told speech and language therapy is not for them


'What is involved?' I hear you ask
An online programme with bite-sized information to work through at your own pace
5 modules over 5 weeks covering topics such as assessment, strategies, mindset, and environment
Workbooks to support your learning (optional)
All information delivered via audio or video so no long texts to read
Group Video analyses of your child by Consultant Speech and Language Therapist Joanne Jones to identify areas of focus
2x weekly group calls with other participants in the programme, hosted by Joanne Jones
Private Facebook group with other parents in the programme to support each other and answer questions
Access to the subscription group for 1 month and access to all the benefits that brings.
Email and message support from Joanne Jones

 Find out more about Joanne Jones


Watch Videos by Joanne Jones

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This is for you if:

You need help and support to become powerful tuned-in parent 

You believe you can be your child's best teacher

You want to understand your child's difficulties fully

You are ready to change

You have time and space in your life to learn new skills and implement change

You want Speech and Language Therapy that fits around your family

You feel anxious, worried, guilty or depressed about your child's development

You want to be part of a small group of like minded individuals and support each other

You want to see your child flourish and blossom and family life improve.

You can commit financially to this type of comprehensive support

This Programme is not for you if

You don't think change is necessary

You are looking for someone else to 'fix' your child 

You do not have a small amount of time each time to try new ideas

You don't have a computer and the internet

You are not ready to commit to a new programme

Your child does not have delays in speech, language or communication

The Powerful Parent Programme

 5 Steps to Talking 

(5-week programme)




One-off Payment Incentive

(equivalent to £50 per week)

START DATE 28th October 2019

The Powerful Parent Programme

5 Steps to Talking 

(5-week programme)


£135 per month

2 Monthly Payments

(£270 in total)

START DATE 28th October 2019

Limited enrolments per year
Spaces are limited and there is a waiting list 
Secure your place for the next enrolment with £100 non-returnable deposit

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