Why don't they just talk?

The majority of children do just that, they just talk. No-one really notices how it happens, it just happens over several months. There is nothing special done, they may have a dummy, or watch too much television, or not be talked to that much but they talk anyway.

We know for children to not talk, purely because to the environment, the conditions have to be pretty extreme. Have you about Gene? She was a little girl found tied to a potty, on her own, in a room, without any interaction from others for the 7 years of her life. She couldn't talk when they found her, her environment was extreme and it stopped her development. But in the everyday lots of children learn to talk living in not the 'ideal' environment.

Some children, however, don't learn to talk easily. As many as 50% of preschool children enter school without the expected language development level.

The biological, genetic, physiological or neuroscientific reasons for this are not fully understood. Why do these children struggle to learn language even within loving, caring, nurturing families? We just don't yet know.

There are definitely factors that impact on this for example hearing loss (due to congestion) tongue tie, autism or genetic variations and these should always be the first questions parents ask themselves.

What we do know though, is that these children react positively when parents use an enhanced communication style, when they use techniques to facilitate language development. These are techniques that adults don't always use naturally, techniques many children learn language without. But some children just need extra.

I call these skills Powerful Parenting, partly because it is extra on top of the usual and partly because the impact is powerful. When parents begin to use these skills and interact with their children in a more deliberate way, the child's language skills begin to blossom.

These parents weren't doing the wrong thing before they learned these skills, they didn't cause their children's language delay, it is just because their child needs more and that 'more' didn't come in the Parenting Manual! Just like if your child needed something to improve their eye sight you would get them glasses, if your child needs help with language learning, they need you to be a Powerful Parent.

So even though we are not totally clear on the why this happens, we do know it is not your fault and that there is positive action you can take to help.

If you would like to know more about my Powerful Parent Programme please take a quick look here and book a call to see if this is the right option for you.

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