5 key pieces of advice

SALT (Speech and Language Therapists) have a whole heap of strategies, ideas and advice up their sleeves but there are few things that every SALT will tell you so I thought I would share them here!

1. Get down to your child's level

Children need to see your eyes, your face, your lips not you knees, your legs or your tummy!! Kneel down, sit down or bend down when you are talking to children to help them learn language and feel connected to you.

2. Stop asking questions

Someone once told me questions let but statements teach. We ask young children far too many questions. The most powerful single thing you can do to support your child's language development is stop asking questions and become a commentator. Say what your child does and repeat back what they say.

3. Slow down

Take your time, wait a little longer, say a little less and be quiet a little more often. Children need time to process language and think of a reply, so give them chance.

4. Less is more

Say less, have less toys, use less directions and be amazed at your child's response.

5. Worry not

All children are different and learn at different rates. Our world is a bombment of noise and action. Our expectations are high. But remember childhood is short and it is not a race. Focus on your child's strength and build from there.

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