Join Our Tribe

The Powerful Parent Tribe

An exclusive group of parents facing language and/or developmental delays    

and all that brings with it.  

Supported by me and supporting each other.


Being worried about your child's development can be a lonely place.  I know that because I have worked with thousands of families over the last 20 years, in that exact same position.


It can be difficult to find people to understand how you are feeling, and tap into the advice and help you need.


I have known for years that parents need more help and support, and with this they are better able to support their children.


I realised, that with my skills and the network of other professionals I have so much support to offer and so the Powerful Parent Tribe was born.


We would love to welcome you in too. 




This is a community of parents who:


Have children with developmental delays

Find themselves anxious, worried, confused and overwhelmed

Would like to have a positive place to support others and be supported

Are  hungry for up to date, relevant and accurate information to help guide them on their own personalised journey

Want to feel in control and empowered to parent their children, their way.


What to expect

An online hub of bitesized nuggets of information to help you help your child.

A exclusive VIP Facebook group with other like-minded parents

Weekly Lives to help you on your journey

Q&A sessions to get help with your child

Live zoom calls to make sure you get the support you need

PDF cheat sheets to form a bank of resources

A virtual hug and kick up the bum as and when needed!

"I see it as having a speech therapist in my pocket"

'This private members group is 

totally unique. 

By focusing on the parents needs, empowerment and education

premium support spills over

to the children'

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Each month you will receive an exclusive bundle that includes


Online learning opportunities

Live Q&A session with an expert

Laser 1:1 coaching opportunities

Exclusive membership to a 'private members only' Facebook group

Guest speakers e.g a mindset coach, play therapist or nutritionist

Support from like-minded parents

A Speech and Language Therapist there to 'hold your hand'

"The Powerful Parent Tribe has

literally changed our lives!"

 Yearly Membership


Monthly Membership

£15 per month 

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