30 Day Expert Course

Here at Blue Elephant Pop-up Children's Therapy we are all about the the therapy.  Speech and Language Therapy can be delivered by parents, nursery nurses, teachers, teaching assistants, infant anyone.  


But as a busy mum of four, I know only too well that there are not enough hours in the day.  Having weekly sessions to attend has a lot of advantages, such as, keeping things fresh in everyone's mind, having regular practice and making sure time is set aside regularly to practice.


Having the session run by a speech and Language Therapist, gives them the edge too, as the therapist is skilled in tweaking the activity, recognising when your child is ready to move on as well as having lots of motivating activities to keep things going.


Often the NHS is not able to offer weekly therapy sessions, but are able to offer assessments and targets. That's where we come in, we can help your child achieve those targets in our pop-up sessions.


We choose to offer the therapy in groups as it provides natural interest and motivation, the therapist are skilled enough to work on different targets for each child, all under the guise of a fun game. 

Your child needs to have had an assessment (either by an NHS therapist or privately) to join our groups, but don't worry if this hasn't happened yet, we can do that for you.

Our groups vary in size and price depending on your child's age and targets.  We will run the group once we have two signed up to it.

The groups run per half term (with a break in the school holidays) and half terms are paid in advance.