About Me







I have worked

as a speech and language therapist all my working life.  I studied a university for four years and then have spent the last 20 years working with parents of young children with speech, language and communication and feeding needs.  




Over these years I have realised

that parents with children, who are not following a predictable path of development, can often feel anxious, overwhelmed, confused and frustrated in their search for answers.  They become reliant on others to tell them how to feed, play, and communicate with their children and often feel disempowered and overlooked.











My path has taken me on a journey


of mothering 4 children, working as a Speech and Language Therapist with families and children with significant feeding difficulties and complex needs across nurseries, homes and hospitals.


In addition I trained as an early years practitioner and opened a preschool and complete a course to teach me the skills of a post natal doula.













It was my personal experiences

of having my third baby in special care, and my fourth with severe tongue tie and experiencing postnatal anxiety myself that gave me personal insight into the extreme emotions parenthood can bring.  It also sent me on a journey of self discovery and improvement.





When my youngest turned 4

years old I knew I wanted a change, I set about reinvigorating my mindset and growing as a person.  I left my NHS role as a clinical lead for complex needs and feeding team and began working on bringing all my knowledge and skills together to reach the parents out there, I know are looking  for help, support and empowerment.


I am not here

to lecture, advise or tell, I promise to put you in the centre and help you to identify you, your child and your family's aims, give you the strategies you need, and help you to develop an unstoppable mindset, so coping is just second nature.


I promise to

listen, empower, problem solve, suggest, inform and encourage.




If this sounds like the refreshing approach you have been looking for take a look at our

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I am Jo,

Consultant Speech and Language Therapist &

Mum of Four

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